April 17, 2022 (Easter Sunday) Sermon and Announcements

April 17, 2022 Sermon (Easter Sunday)

Announcements ~ April 17, 2022

A:        This is the day the Lord has made

C:       Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

*A most blessed and happy Easter season to all. A special welcome to guests visiting with us in person or on-line.

*The celebration of our Risen Lord continues after worship as we share refreshments and fellowship across the lobby in the parlor. We ask children to please stay with parents until we call them for the Easter Egg Hunt.

*Those who sponsored lilies, tulips and hyacinths to decorate our sanctuary for Easter may pick up their flowers after worship today. If you have forgotten what you ordered, there is a list on the mobile message board. Thank you for bringing such beauty to our Easter worship.

*We are looking for a female Haven member OR a married couple to be our delegates at the 2022 DE-MD Synod Assembly May 12-14 in Ocean City. It is a wonderful opportunity for good worship and to hear what is going on in other Lutheran churches and our synod. This year there will also be the election of a Bishop. The costs for registration and lodgings are paid by the church. Please contact Pastor Alessandri or a Council member as soon as possible if you are interested so we can register.

*By the way, did we mention that there are over 400 eggs for this year’s Easter Egg Hunt!
Thanks for all you donated plastic eggs and treats. Haven’s Easter bunnies really appreciated it!

This week’s concerns and joys:

*Many thanks to all who donated food, money and time toward our Easter Food Baskets. Five Fountaindale families were very grateful. God’s work. Our hands.

*Additional thanks to the musicians, vocalists and pastors who led mid-week Lenten worship… to Kim Pile, the Worship Team and others who made our Agape Meal such a memorable evening…to the Altar Guild who faithfully prepare for our weekly worship… and Haven’s Worship Team for leading us through this transitional time after the last two years of COVID.

*One more note of gratitude: We thank our Parish Life and Worship Teams, Haven’s teens and families, the Property Team, Altar Guild, the choir and director, the Easter Lily cross contributors and all who helped prepare for today’s Easter Celebration. All glory to our Risen Lord.

*Best wishes to Susie Resh and Don Evason who celebrate birthdays this week.     

                                                        (after the announcements)                         

A: We prepare for worship as we listen to the prelude.