April 18, 2021 Sermon & Announcements

April 18, 2021 Sermon (pdf)

Announcements ~ April 18, 2021

A:      This is the day the Lord has made.

C:      Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

*A most blessed and happy Easter season to all. A special welcome to guests who are worshipping at Haven for the first time and those who have returned. Your presence enriches us and our time of celebration together

*As this Easter season continues and more folks are being vaccinated, we want to assure you that there IS room here for you at our in-person worship. We will still follow safe protocols — requiring masks, social distancing and hand sanitizing. And be assured, we will also continue to live-stream worship so we can worship together as a community.

*Today, we had intended to bless the Growing Faith Together Giving Cards and those who submitted them. But since we did not have worship here in the church last week, we thought it better to wait another week to allow folks to return their plan to support our renovations.

If you haven’t already, please mail or turn in your Giving Card by next Sunday, April 28th. As the work on the roof has begun, we work together in faith to finance this care of God’s church and ministry at Haven. Together in Christ, we CAN do this!

*If you or your team has news for the May newsletter, please send it to the church office no later than Wednesday, April 21st.

This week’s concerns and joys:

*Pam O’Connor had a procedure done at Meritus Hospital last Thursday. All went well and she is home. Please keep her in your prayers.

*Nancy Newkirk is also home but still working with doctors to get her potassium straightened out. Please keep her in prayer.

*Best wishes to Susie Resh and Don Evason who celebrate birthdays this week.                                                  

(after the announcements)

A: We now prepare for worship as we listen to the prelude.