ASH WEDNESDAY Bulletin Worship on FB LIVE at 7PM

February 17, 2021 Ash Wednesday (pdf)


7:00 pm   *Live stream via Haven’s Facebook

How do we have an Ash Wednesday worship service
without ashes? Come and see.
As you prepare to tune into worship, 1) Set out a candle (battery or actual) 2) blessed communion elements for each person worshipping 3) a small bar of soap, 4) a small bowl of water and 5) a small towel. (The soap and communion elements can be found in your Lenten Travel Bag, still available on the parsonage back porch or by calling Pastor Alessandri 301-745-4216)

Curious? Good!
Come join your brothers and sisters in Christ as we begin this Lenten season of reflection and renewal.

(*Haven Facebook Page: or you can get to the page by clicking the ‘F’ icon in the upper right corner (center of page if on a mobile device) of the Haven website The live service will remain on the page for viewing later too.  If you are not familiar with Facebook please scroll down past the ads, map and photos until you see Haven Lutheran Church with a small circle of the church photo in a post. It will say ‘Haven Lutheran Church is live’.  This will be the first post Haven will have that day. If you have issues, please email the church office or call and leave a message and I will try to get back with you so I can walk you through how to find it.