August 30, 2020 Sermon and Announcements

August 30, 2020 Sermon (pdf)

Announcements – August 30, 2020

(Drive-up and Outdoor Worship)

A:       I will thank you, O Lord my God, with all my heart,
C:   and glorify your name forevermore.                                   (Psalm 86:12)
*St. Mark’s Food Bank will be re-opening in September with some changes to allow for safe, COVID preventive practices. Haven Teams 4 and 3 are due to service this month. Check the bulletin or contact Pat Pile if you need to confirm the date or want further information.

*Haven’s Team for Bowl for Kids benefit in September need sponsors. All proceeds benefit the important mentoring mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters. Contact Marge Cunningham, Susan Strobl or Pastor Alessandri if you’d like to be a sponsor. OR you can put a check or cash in the envelope attached to our Harvest for Hunger cart.

*This week Trinity Lutheran, Hagerstown, and Haven Lutheran Church will begin reading the book, Becoming A 21st-Century Church. We had hoped copies of the book would be here by today but they haven’t yet arrived.
The books author, Rev. Dr. Fred Lehr, will also make presentations and lead discussions on upcoming Wednesdays at Trinity Lutheran.
Members of Haven have been invited to come. All who attend are asked to wear masks and the church is plenty large enough to allow for safe distancing. No registration is required. The sessions will also be able to be viewed on-line. There is more information in the bulletin.

While our movement and activities are limited right now, this is an opportune time to read a book together and discuss our church and its future.
Please let pastor know if you are interested in participating in Haven’s own in-person or on-line discussion group. Be of good courage and join the conversation.

*Next weekend we will be posting a special worship service prepared by the DE=MD Synod to allow musicians and worship leaders a break from taping worship. The service will be posted at our usual sites. We’ll be back with worship in Haven’s sanctuary on September 13.

This week’s concerns and joys:

* Please keep in your prayers all the students, parents, teachers and staff who begin the challenge of a new school year tomorrow.

*Best wishes to Harold Rice who celebrates a birthday this week. 

                                      (after the announcements)

A: Rejoicing in God’s saving grace, we seek our Lord’s wisdom and strength:

C: “To honor God, to reach out with love to our members and the community and to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.”     (Haven Lutheran’s Mission Statement)