December 16, 2018 – Advent week 3 – Sermon & Announcements

December 16, 2018 Sermon – Advent 3 – God Bless This Mess

Announcements – December 16, 2018

A: Greetings, favored ones! The Lord is with you;

C: Let it be with me according to your word, Lord.

 God’s peace to all this third Sunday of Advent. A special welcome to all guests visiting with us today. Your presence is truly a blessing.

*We did it Haven! We successfully completed the GREAT HAVEN CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE. We helped eight children and their parents to know the grace and unconditional love of our Lord. Please keep these three families in your prayers this Advent and Christmas season.

*In the church lobby, you will find cards we will put in our Christmas Food baskets. Please take a moment to sign them.

*You will find an Advent 3 insert in your bulletin. It has reflections which were written by members of Haven. Please take it home with your bulletin and let those reflections bless your Advent journey this week.

*Please take note in your bulletin that REACH and Holly Place both have matching funds available this December. That means any contributions you make will double, including today’s monthly Holly Place collection. More details are in your bulletin.

This week’s concerns and joys:

*Sandy Myers is taking physical therapy at Coffman Nursing Home and Rehab Center. Card and visits would be welcomed.

*We have a great deal of gratitude to express this Sunday:

-Thank you to all who stayed last Sunday to help us Deck the Halls at Haven. Thanks to the Parish Life Team for organizing it so well. We finished in less than an hour.

-Many thanks to all who contributed to yesterday’s successful Christmas Concert: Music Director, Steve Pastena, the Choir & musicians and all who contributed and helped with the reception afterwards. The weather may have been damp and dreary outside but here inside Haven it was bright and joyful. All glory be to God.

*Best wishes to Marge Cunningham, Jim Cannon, Becky Plavcan and Jensen Richards who celebrate birthdays this week. Congratulations to Amy and Mike Mason who have a wedding anniversary on Tuesday.                                                 

A:   Prepare the way of the Lord

C:  Stir up your power, Lord Jesus, and come.