December 19, 2021 Sermon & Announcements

December 19, 2021 Sermon (pdf)

Announcements ~ December 19, 2021

P:         Heavenly Father, we wait for you. C:        More than watchmen wait for the morning.
* God’s blessings to all this fourth Sunday of Advent and a special welcome to guests.

*Today is the deadline for three different Advent projects here at Haven. We thank all who have contributed to our Fountaindale Christmas baskets, Potomac Towers lunch and Afghan Refugee collection.  God’s Work. Our Hands. Thanks be to God.

*Please come back this afternoon at 4:30 pm for our second Haven Drive-up Car-oling party. We’ll have songbooks, votive candles and the radio station where you tune your car radios. Here’s a chance for those who are worshipping on-line and those who are worshipping in the church to safely come together to share some Christmas spirit. We hope to see you on Haven’s parking lot at 4:30 today.

*This Friday there will be one Christmas Eve service at 7:00 pm, both in-person and on-line. We’re will put together the wonder of the Family Service and the music and beauty of the traditional service. Come celebrate the marvel of the Savior’s birth.

*January’s newsletter is available on-line and in the church narthex.

*Pastor Alessandri is tentatively scheduled to go to Atlanta after Christmas. While she is away, Pastor Allen Reed will provide pastoral care. His phone number is on page 16 of today’s bulletin.

*One note about today’s worship. There has been a change in the Hymn immediately following the sermon. We will sing Hymn #715, “Christ, Be Our Light” which can be found in the hymnals in the pews. We will announce the number, #715, again after the sermon.

This week’s concerns and joys:

*We are sad to report that the grandson of Pastor Quentin and Sandy Fleming died last Sunday as a result of injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. He was an organ donor, potentially helping as many as one hundred people. Please pray for Zachary’s parents, grandparents, friends and community.

*In the mercy of our Lord, Haven member, Karl Pile died peacefully this morning at Doey’s house. Please keep Pat and the Pile family in your prayers. They are hoping to have his funeral this week.

*Best wishes to Sandy Powell, Jim Cannon, Becky Plavcan, Jensen Richards, Jamie Cannon, Susan Strobl, Carol Shull and Ken Myers who all have birthdays between now and when we gather again for Sunday worship on January 2nd.  Congratulations to Millie and Ned Strange who have a wedding anniversary on December 29th.

                                                                       (after announcements)

A:    I wait for the LORD, my soul waits. C:    and in God’s word I hope.      Psalm 130: 5

A:        Give us patience and peace. C:        for the living of these days.