July 16, 2021 Message from Pastor Alessandri

July 16, 2021 Message from Pastor Alessandri (pdf)

July 16, 2021

A time to remember a dear member and to surround Becky and the family with our presence and prayers. Becky says she doesn’t want any leftovers, so please plan on attending the luncheon after the service at the Emerald Pointe Community Center to share stories, memories, and a meal in Bill’s honor. (Directions will be in the bulletin.)

Thanks to those who will read, assist with communion, lead music and usher.  Thank you to Scott Rhodes who will make it possible for you to watch the service on Haven’s Facebook page. Thanks also to those who have brought in cookies for the luncheon. Blessed to be a blessing.


This food pantry was completed by Ryan Wade as his Eagle Scout project. Several “passed-their-prime” bushes were removed (at our request) and the post installed last Saturday. The pantry box was mounted on Tuesday and the first supplies loaded.

Now we need to let our neighbors know it is here. I thought a movable sign in front of the pantry several by the curb could announce make its presence known.

Should we just call it a “Blessing Box,” “Little Food Pantry” (like our Little Library Box”) or can you think of another name? Let us know your thoughts. The usual way it works is that folks are encouraged to “Take what they need. Leave what they can.”

Haven’s Hunger Team will be seeking out folks to oversee the pantry box — keeping it tidy, deciding what foods to keep on hand for it, letting the congregation know what food are needed and keeping the pantry stocked. If that sounds like a ministry you would like to be a part of, please let the Hunger Team co-chairs, Scott Rhodes or Linda Clark or the church office know.

Another step out of COVID isolation back into serving our community.


The last word we had was that the Campbellsville Steeple Co. was aiming for July 21st, starting at 8 am. If that changes, we will send out an email as soon as we know and leave a recording on the office phone in the special events and cancellation voice mail box. (Call 303-733-5056. As soon as the message greeting begins, push the star button (*). That will take you to the voice mail message about cancelations.)

We are still planning to have a CELEBRATION and BLESSING of the new roof, steeple and AC system on SUNDAY, AUGUST 1, 9:30 am. A simple coffee fellowship will follow in the parlor. Be sure to invite Haven “Alumni” and Friends. Bring your umbrellas to block the sun and be ready to sing, pray and give thanks together.


Look in the Sunday bulletin for the list of school supplies we will be collecting for Fountaindale Elementary School and Northern Middle and Western Heights Middle Schools.

As we carefully move out of COVID and deal with its deviants, schools and parents are still being cautious. So, again this year, we will be delivering the supplies we collect and purchase directly to the school to distribute as needed. Hopefully, next year, we can
return to personally greeting and interacting with the children
and their families.

This year you can participate in several ways:
1) Look for tags in the church narthex that will have an item and the number needed.
Take a tag (or two). Buy the supplies and bring them to church no later than August. 8th.
If you are worshipping at home, you may call the church office and ask for a “tag” of
supplies you will buy. Supplies can also be left on the back porch of the parsonage.

2) Make a donation toward the cost of the supplies. Cash should be in envelopes marked
“School Supplies” and checks made payable to Haven Lutheran Church with “school
supplies” on the memo line. This will help pay for some of the supplies that we will order
in bulk from Staples at a reduced rate.

3) Volunteer to help sort the supplies, box them and/or deliver them. You can note your
interest on an upcoming Sunday worship attendance form or by calling the church

Again we find ourselves working out of already realized blessings. Elaine Michael has contacted the schools for supply lists and other information. Clare Newcomer has spreadsheets all ready to go from last year’s efforts. As far as monetary resources, we have several hundred dollars remaining from last year’s school supply collection. We will be applying for several Thrivent grants. And the Jonathan Olson fund is also available to supplement any need. Even on the edge of a pandemic, while supporting a Faith Building Together debt reduction we are NOT working out of deficit but blessings. When God calls, God will help provide. Amen. Amen.









And for Beatles fans