July 2, 2021 Message from Pastor Alessandri

July 2, 2021 Message from Pastor Alessandri

July 2, 2021


Put your thumb and index fingers four inches apart. That’s how close we were to having our steeple put back on our roof.
On a very hot Wednesday, two hardworking gentlemen from Campbellsville Steeples reassembled the steeple. The crane lifted it to the roof. The men went up to guide it to its proper place. That’s when the discovery was made.

The legs that needed to be reattached weren’t able to sit on the roof. The central shaft was four-inches too long and keeping the legs suspended above their place on the roof.

After the workers and our property chair, Doug Wright, consulted with Campbellsville central office, it was decided that the legs and some of the other attachments would stay at Haven but the central part of the steeple needed to go back to Kentucky to get needed corrections.

Yes it was disappointing for all of us who watched, periodically moving our chairs to stay in some shade. Disappointing for those of you who have driven by expecting to see the steeple in place. But as Doug said, “We want it done right.” The hope is that the steeple can return my mid July to be installed. We will keep you posted for the date and time for “Steeple Place Party — Part II.”


I know there are some who are vacationing or spending the holiday with family and I wish you a great time and safe travels. But I hope everyone else will make every effort to be at church this Sunday, July 4, 9:30 am for our first baptism since May 2019. What an honor to participate in the sacrament and what a joy to welcome our newest member into God’s family at Haven. Also bring a joyful welcome to Georgia’s visiting family at our first coffee fellowship since March 2020. So much to celebrate!



When attending worship or other events at Haven, face masks are now optional for those who are vaccinated.

HOWEVER, please be aware that some vaccinated persons may choose to continue to wear masks or socially distance.

FOR THE SAKE OF GOOD HOSPITALITY, please refrain from asking persons about their masks or their vaccination status.

Let’s make it clear in action that ALL are WELCOME!

Dick Hess successfully received his pacemaker last Monday. He is home recovering. Please keep Dick in prayer as he gets rest and gains strength.



     One of the ways I have been trying to assist Harold Rice is to help him keep his car so he would have it when he is eventually released in several years. But I’ve hit two major snags. First, the car is no longer running reliably and the nature of the problem could be minor or major and costly. Second, the plan was to put it in a self-storage unit, turn in the tags and, for the sake of costs, discontinue the insurance. The storage company will not accept a car without a current registration and insurance. So now what to do? I am really at a loss.
IF you know of any place we could put Harold’s car for these coming years, PLEASE let me know ASAP. He has some stimulus money he could use to pay about $25 a month if needed. We would need to have it towed but at least it would be off the church lot and waiting for Harold. IF you know of a mechanic who would do an analysis of the car’s problem for a reasonable price, PLEASE let me know ASAP.
Sometimes it is not easy to be helpful. Thank you for any help and prayers you can offer.


Each summer we invite our gardeners and bakers to bring some of their bounty to Haven to share. Folks are then invited to take items and leave a generous goodwill offering. All proceeds will be donated to hunger-fighting projects



Washington County Interfaith Coalition

June 29, 2021

Hindu  (Darmmpada)

Better than a hundred years lived in

ignorance, without contemplation

Is one single day of life

lived in wisdom

and in deep contemplation.

Zen Buddhist

We venerate the Three Treasures:

Buddha, (sanctity) Dharma (practice) Sanga (community),

And are thankful for this meal:

the work of many people

and the sharing of life.

In all its forms.

We are blessed with the holiness of this gift of being alive.

With our human lives, may we offer love and acceptance.

May we be a gift of participation in all of life.

Although we are incapable of creating ourselves, may we, in the light of your holiness,

create blessing for each other through the sharing of your many gifts:

the gift of gathering to Participate in community,

the gift of living honestly together,

the gift of sharing the faithful practice of acceptance.

Touch our hearts, we pray, with wisdom and love for all. Amen

Reverend Valerie Wills, Coordinator

After a few days off with visiting family, I was trying to catch up with emails. In one of the devotions I receive daily I found this incredibly succinct and meaningful summary of the Bible’s message. It made my heart sing. I hope it enriches yours as well.

“When we have an understanding of the great themes of Scripture, the whole book from Genesis to Revelation, we see it as communicating a divine pattern to humanity. One basic message is finally communicated to all Spirit-filled people who enter this faith dialogue with the Scriptures. The message of “Good News” is this: You are loved. You are unique. You are free. You are on the way. You are going somewhere. Your life has meaning. That is all grounded in the experience and the knowledge and the reality of the unconditional love of God. This is what we mean by being “saved.”

“The Call: Introduction to the Word,” The Great Themes of Scripture, tape 1 (St. Anthony Messenger Tapes: 1973).