July 22, 2021 Message from Pastor Alessandri

July 22, 2021 Message from Pastor Alessandri (pdf)

July 22, 2021






Yes, it made it back and onto Haven’s roof on Wednesday, July 21, with a crowd that shared great fellowship and joy.

Steeple being lifted to the roof and workmen securing it to the roof.

The cross after it was slipped back in its place at the top of the steeple.


Campbell’s suggested that before the cross was returned to the steeple, all those present would sign the post that would slip into the steeple post. That is what you are seeing below. (I had an appointment and missed this part…Thanks, Mary, for getting my name on a clear label so I could be a part of this.)

















Finally, the extensive bubble wrap around the golden sphere was removed. I understand there was applause when that shiny sphere was unwrapped.


I thank our office administrator, Mary Grabill, for taking these pictures and filming the installation on her phone. You can see all the pictures on our website (www.havenlc.org) by clicking on “Media” and then selecting “Photo Gallery”.

You can access the film clips by clicking on “News” on Haven’s webpage (www.havenlc.org), which will then take you to the postings on You Tube. (Or copy and paste this link in your browser: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIu1l13_4Pdc_c9KcvLNfYPbZTrE7i6T1

Rededication of Haven Lutheran Church:
Blessing of the new Roof, Steeple & AC

August 1, 9:30 am
Worship INSIDE the Sanctuary
Coffee Fellowship after Worship

PLEASE invite friends and “alumni” of Haven to come.

We will be pleased to welcome Pastor Roland and Lesley Hobbs, who were here when the church was built, and Havenite Mr. Jack Dickinson, who was Haven’s contact with the builders during the church’s construction. Who else will surprise us?

During a pandemic, Haven Lutheran Church was able to organize and pay for the replacement of roofs & AC and refurbish the steeple. THAT is a God sighting. Listen to this Sunday’s sermon — when we follow God’s lead and put what we have in God’s hands, the Lord will make a way for there to be enough. Amen. Let’s celebrate.

“Thriving After Covid”
July 25, August 8, 15, 22
10:45 am in the Gathering Room

Led by Pastor Alessandri
Wonderful opportunity for Bible Study, small group discussion
and considering how the Holy Spirit may be at work to move us forward.

Saturday, July 24, 9 a.m. to 12 noon
OR whenever you can help

We are trying to get the gardens around the church looking nice before our August 1st church rededication. Can you help? We will have yard refuse bags and a cooler of water bottles at the office entrance of the church on Saturday, July 24th, 9 am – 12 noon for anyone who can make it for some weeding time. (Filled bags can be put at the curb by the parsonage.)
I will be weeding today (Friday) while it’s cool but have the bags and water out tomorrow. It would be great to look our best as we celebrate our new roof, steeple and AC system.


We are collecting recommended school supplies for Fountaindale Elementary School and Northern Middle and Western Heights Middle Schools.

As we carefully move out of COVID and deal with its deviants, schools and parents are still being cautious. So, again this year, we will be delivering the supplies we collect and purchase directly to the school to distribute as needed. Hopefully, next year, we can  return to personally greeting and interacting with the children and their families.

This year you can participate in several ways:
1) Look for tags in the church narthex that will have an item and the number needed.
Take a tag (or two). Buy the supplies and bring them to church no later than August. 8th.
If you are worshipping at home, you may call the church office and ask for a “tag” of
supplies you will buy. Supplies can also be left on the back porch of the parsonage.

2) Make a donation toward the cost of the supplies. Cash should be in envelopes marked
“School Supplies” and checks made payable to Haven Lutheran Church with “school
supplies” on the memo line. This will help pay for some of the supplies that we will order
in bulk from Staples at a reduced rate.

3) Volunteer to help sort the supplies, box them and/or deliver them. You can note your
interest on an upcoming Sunday worship attendance form or by calling the church

Again we find ourselves working out of already realized blessings. Elaine Michael has contacted the schools for supply lists and other information. Clare Newcomer has spreadsheets all ready to go from last year’s efforts. As far as monetary resources, we have several hundred dollars remaining from last year’s school supply collection. We will be applying for several Thrivent grants. And the Jonathan Olson fund is also available to supplement any need. Even on the edge of a pandemic, while supporting a Faith Building Together debt reduction we are NOT working out of deficit but blessings. When God calls, God will help provide. Amen. Amen.

Washington County Interfaith Coalition


July 20, 2021

Soren Kierkegaard (19h Century Danish philosopher, edited)

Father in Heaven!  Re awaken conscience in our breast.

Make us bend the ear of the spirit to Thy voice,

so we may perceive Thy Will for us in its pure clarity

pure of our false worldly wisdom

unstifled by the voice of passion:

keep us vigilant…but grant us that when the Law speaks most strongly…

we may hear a gentle voice murmuring

that we are Thy children.


Lightening Hopkins (“Needed Time”)

Come if you don’t stay long

Come if you don’t stay long

Come if you don’t stay long.

Now is the needed time

Now is the needed time

Now is the needed time.

Holiness of Life,

In this time of vanishing restrictions, protect and guide us, we pray.

May we embrace each other’s life, health and joy.

Bend us to the times we live in that we might make holy Your gift of Presence.

Teach us to handle each other’s prayers and actions with vigilant Love.

We pray in the name of hope and faith. Amen

Valerie Wills, Coordinator
Washington County Interfaith Coalition


Haven member, Marge Cunningham, reports from Florida that her daughter, Amanda, is home from the hospital and recovering. Marge is staying a while longer to offer her help and love on those granddaughters. She anticipates returning to Hagerstown at the end of the month. Please keep Amanda and her family and Marge in prayers.