June 11, 2021 Message from Pastor Alessandri

June11, 2021 Message from Pastor Alessandri (pdf)

June 11, 2021

WORSHIP THIS SUNDAY, 9:30 AM  At the in-person worship service, masks are still required during June BUT singing, congregational responses and smiles strongly encouraged!

NOTICE ANYTHING? I took this picture on Thursday, June 10. Notice anything different?

YES, the organ is no longer “shrink-wrapped” in plastic! With the work on the church’s roof completed (except for the replacement of our steeple,) it was deemed safe for our organ to be unwrapped and tuned for our worshipping pleasure.
Though our music in the summer has often been accompanied by piano and guitar, this year you will be hearing our talented organist, Steve Pastena, celebrating the organ’s “release” from its months of plastic captivity, too. Let all our music give glory to our good and gracious Lord.


2020 DE-MD SYNOD ASSEMBLY SUMMARY can be viewed at https://mailchi.mp/demdsynod.org/synod-assembly-summary?e=eaf6cad205  (Control + Click to follow link)  Doug Wright, Aura Wiles and myself were your delegates for an ZOOM Assembly that was held last Friday evening and Saturday morning. I’m hoping Bishop Gohl’s address, “The Gospel according to Cicadas” and some of the video clips of church activities will soon be available for viewing.
The 2022 Synod Assembly will be in Ocean City, May 12-14. It will include an election of a Bishop. Haven will need two delegates (if possible, one female, one male) to attend along with the pastor. Haven pays for registration, mileage and housing costs during the Assembly. Give it consideration. Priority may be given to individuals or a couple who haven’t attended before. It’s not too early to let a Council member know you would be interested in being Haven’s delegate.


It is a 3 or 4 session scripture based study resource designed to help churches release the burdens of the pandemic, promote deeper faith in the Spirit’s power at work in their
midst, and empower their mission going forward.

Why Should You Come?  It’s a good way for us and our community to transition our thinking and outlook as we move out of the pandemic and into the familiar-yet-changed world.
Why Should You Come?  It’s a great bridge from the months of isolation to a return to an interactive community. It will include brief presentations, Biblical reflection and lots of time for discussion.
Why Should You Come?  It will be held right after worship services in the air conditioned Gathering Room and… who knows… we just might be back to sharing coffee, iced tea and treats, too.
The first session will be on Sunday, July 11th, 10:45 am in the Gathering Room. After the session, everyone is invited to go to lunch at Cafe Italia for more fellowship. (Usually it is the first Sunday of the month, but the first Sunday in July will be the 4th of July holiday.)

P.S. If you can’t make all the sessions, you will still be able to follow and fully participate in the sessions you can attend. Whether 1, 2, 3 or all sessions — try it!


HAVEN RECIEVES A GRANT FROM THE DE-MD SYNOD FOR OUR GARDEN! We had received notice earlier this year that the *Creation Cares Ministry of our synod had received another grant to continue their work for environmental projects such as planting trees, creating community gardens, recycling, and becoming more energy efficient, to name a few. In turn, they were offering grants to churches in the DE-MD Synod for such environmental projects.

I inquired to see if Haven could qualify for a grant to help us fence our vegetable and flower garden from our deer friends. We were gifted with a grant for up to $400! After we totaled the cost of the fence posts and rolls of seven-foot wire fencing, we had spent $307.44. What a blessing for our “Garden Buddies” and all who benefit from the goodies that come out of the garden.
So, the next time you might wonder where some of that money we send to the synod and ELCA, look in Haven’s side yard or click on to the Creation Ministry webpage https://demdsynod-creationcare.org/index.php and smile

*Creation Care Ministry’s mission is to provide resources and support to congregations in the Delaware Maryland Synod of the ELCA to become more aware of the challenges facing our shared environment and organize activities and projects designed to protect our planet from careless waste of God’s abundant gift of creation.

Washington County Interfaith Coalition

Dag Hammarskjold  (UN international representative in the 1950’s)

Night is drawing nigh.

For all that has been—Thanks!

For all that shall be—Yes!


Jewish: The Talmud

As long as the soul is within me

I thankfully acknowledge You

O Lord my God and God of my fathers

Master of all deeds,

Lord of all souls

Blessed are You, O Lord, who restores souls.

Holiness, hear our prayer.  May we meet each darkness of our lives with the awareness that tomorrow is another brand-new day. Help us remember that we are only alone if we make ourselves so.  Guide us to see the beauty and possibilities within our deepest fears and anxieties.  May we also see your stars of hope within our times of darkness.  Touch our outstretched hands with blessedness and our darkness-es with Your Presence. Amen

Reverend Valerie Wills, Coordinator

CONGRATULATIONS, ERIC BYERS! At an awards ceremony on June 1o, Haven member, Eric Byers was presented a Distinguished Service Award by Washington County Chamber of Commerce’s Public Safety for his word as the Director of Public Safety at Hagerstown Community College. It is an award to first responders who “perform above expectation, demonstrate responsibility, and initiate a credible accomplishment.” Thank you for all your efforts at HCC and for those many years you served in the Maryland State Police.


Long daylight of summer…. pets… gardens… that we have very few cicadas in this part of Hagerstown… the beauty of the new church roof… the coolness of the air conditioning in the sanctuary… the countless members whose names we do not know  who do things around the church and grounds to make it pleasant… hugs when both are vaccinated… ice cream or Rita’s on a hot day… the end of a very difficult and long the school year… singing in worship once again…time with family or maybe even a vacation… Hope and resurrection. For what are you grateful?