June 13, 2021 Sermon & Announcements

June 13, 2021 Sermon (pdf)

Announcements ~ June 13, 2021

A:      It is a good thing to give thanks to the Lord,
C:  to sing praise to your name, O Most High;                               (Psalm 92:1)

*God’s blessings to all and a special welcome to new and returning guests. What an honor and delight to worship our Lord together. r.

*In just three weeks, ALL of the $5,000 matching challenge has been met. How amazing is that!?! Check out the Faith Building Together bulletin board in the church narthex — the thermometer is almost half way to its goal.

*We got news that our church steeple is due back to be installed later this month. When a date is finalized we will spread the word so you can come watch if you’d like.
The replacement is almost a duplicate of the original.

* Take a look at the five graduates featured on our graduate bulletin board in the narthex. We are exceedingly proud of them. We are setting a date in July when the most of them would be available to come to worship for a celebration.

*Be sure to scan your bulletin for news about the Book Club, Women’s Bible Study, and financial updates.

This week’s concerns and joys:
*We congratulate Haven member, Eric Byers, who received a Washington County Chamber of Commerce Distinguished Service Award for his work as Director of Public Safety at Hagerstown Community College.
*Best wishes to Dennis Miller, Sharon Brogunier, and Joanne Seilhamer who celebrate birthdays this week. Congratulations to Michael & Veronica Bergschneider who have a wedding anniversary today.

  We now prepare for worship as we listen to the prelude.

(after the prelude)

A:      Rejoicing in God’s saving grace, we seek our Lord’s wisdom and strength:
C:      “To honor God, to reach out with love to our members
and the community and to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.”