March 23, 2021 Message from Pastor Alessandri

March 23, 2021 Message from Pastor Alessandri (pdf)

March 23, 2021

John Britton, III (“Tripper” to some) graduated from South University in Richmond, VA. on March 19th.  He graduated with high honors and received a Master of Science in Physician Assistant studies.   He was also awarded and inducted into the Pi Alpha National Honor Society, The National Honor Society for Physician Assistants.  Send your congratulations to:

John Britton III, P.A.  4001 Gaelic Lane Apt. F  Glen Allen, VA 23060-6427





WE HAD 39 IN THE CHURCH ON SUNDAY  Some were there for the first time since we needed to shut down last year. It was exciting. As more people have been vaccinated, more feel they can take a step out and into the church. We are still following safety guidelines — masks, six feet social distancing and hand sanitizers in the pew and entrances. Last year we grieved that we could not have Easter Sunday worship in the church. This year we can celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and the slow but steady unfolding of our lives and community.

GOD SQUAD EXPLORERS   This week the God Explorer’s crew learned about the Holy Spirit and we just couldn’t resist tying this into learning about St. Patrick and how he used the shamrock to explain the Trinity.  The boys loved learning that Patrick was likely around 16 years old when he was captured (“Grammy- it was like he was captured by Pirates”) and then God came to him in a dream about escaping (which he did), and then another dream telling him to go back, where he heard “Holy Boy come back to us.” (Grammy- whoa wait a minute–he went back even though he was captured and treated really mean?). Great lesson about courage and faith!  James Paul, Quill, and Roark were riveted to watching a documentary that showed a re-enactment with teenage boys.  We then make shamrocks and as you can see, James Paul made his look like a cross with his buttons and we talked about how buttons hold things tightly together…. just like the Trinity is tightly held together as 3 in 1.  AND the icing on the St Patrick cake, was the shamrock cookies delivered by none other than the Pastor!!
Jamie Cannon










Nancy Newkirk came back home Monday evening… Susie Resh was
anticipating Dave Resh to be home by Tuesday, too.  Keep them in prayer.




We had s sunny, warmer weekend and it just brings Springtime hope. Remember to marvel at the flowers coming up, the buds on trees and bird songs. It led me to remember the picture to the left that I had found a while back with this little one eyeing up a morsel before taking a nibble.  How amazing is God’s creation and that we get share and marvel in it. Thank you, Lord.






Spend time in God’s Word and listening to what the Lord has to say to you today.
Each of the recommendations below are brief but they will give you and your faith nourishment and an entry to prayer. God IS with you!

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