March 26, 2021 Message from Pastor Alessandri

March 26, 2021 Message from Pastor Alessandri (pdf)

March 26, 2021

Dolores Carson fell last week and has a break in her upper arm. She is building up strength and getting physical therapy at the Nursing and Rehab Center at Homewood.
PLEASE offer your encouragement to Dolores by sending a card or giving her a call.
Dolores Carson
16505 Virginia Avenue Homewood Health Care Center #202 Williamsport, MD  21795  301-582-6553

Nancy Newkirk and Dave Resh are both home after their surgeries. Jean Carbaugh’s husband, Fritz, is still at the VA Hospital in Martinsburg. Cards and prayers are appreciated.



PALM SUNDAY, Palms AND Palm Sunday bulletins will be available at church and on the parsonage back porch.
There will be no in-person worship on these two days of Holy Week in order to honor safety protocols and be ready for a wonderful Easter Sunday worship. We hope you will participate in our livestream services. The links for those services are in this Sunday’s bulletin.

BULLETINS for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday will be available at church this Sunday and on the parsonage back porch. You should have blessed communion elements for Maundy Thursday in your Lenten travel bag. If not, there will be additional blessed elements available at church and on the parsonage back porch.
                            Let us worship together as we walk with our Lord during Holy Week.

Washington County Interfaith Coalition
Interfaith Prayers for Our Times

March 23, 2021

Native American (Navaho prayer)

With your feet I walk

I carry forth your body

For me your mind thinks

Your voice speaks for me

Beauty is before me

And beauty is behind me

Above and below me hovers the beautiful

I am surrounded by it

I am immersed in it

In my youth I am aware of it

and in old age I shall walk quietly

the beautiful trail.


Judeo-Christian (Psalm 17:8)

Keep me as the

apple of Thy eye.

Hide me under the shadow

of thy wings.


That which is beyond my understanding and lives in shadows, Speak for me. Give me rest beneath your winged Presence.  Guide me on the beautiful trail.

I know not what Thou art…only that Your Presence surrounds me with promise…and Hope.  Amen

Reverend Valerie Wills, Coordinator
Washington County Interfaith Coalition








Spend time in God’s Word and listening to what the Lord has to say to you today.
Each of the recommendations below are brief but they will give you and your faith nourishment and an entry to prayer. God IS with you!

2021 Lenten Devotional

The Word in Season (available at Haven)

On-line, go to  You could check it each day or sign up to have it sent to your e-mail box each day.