May 21, 2021 Message from Pastor Alessandri

May 21, 2021 Message from Pastor Alessandri (pdf)

May 21, 2021


On May 23, Worship at 9:30 am will be in the Gathering Room!

On Pentecost it says that the disciples were gathered together in one place. It doesn’t exactly say where they were gathered but it wasn’t in their usual worship site, like a synagogue or the temple. So this Pentecost we will be stepping away from our usual worship space to meet in one place for worship in the Gathering Room.

Despite all my attempts to give it a “churchy” explanation, the REAL reason we will be meeting in the Gathering Room rather than in the church is that there will be no AC in the church and the weekend temperatures are to be in the 90’s. The new AC and air filtration unit for the church has not been delivered and thus, not installed. For the comfort of those coming to worship, Haven’s Council decided it would be better to worship in the air conditioning comfort of the Gathering Room.

Last Pentecost we had our first in-person worship since we had to quarantine ourselves due to COVID. We had our first drive-up and on the lawn worship outside with the red geraniums shaped into a cross on the hill. It was lovely.

This Pentecost, we will worship in the comfort of the ac in the Gathering Room. AFTER worship we will have a “cookie fellowship” as we go outside to wave as our kids have a Sunday School, God Squad Explorer Drive-Thru to celebrate a year of learning about our Lord and the Bible despite a pandemic! Yes, a bag of chocolate chip cookies for everyone as we enjoy the day, fellowship and wave at the kids.

On Monday, the Council decided that we should continue our current mask and social distancing policies for now and until the Re-Opening Team can meet on May 27 to make recommendations to the Council. I DO understand that we are all eager to put COVID behind us but the truth is, there is still need for precautions to help protect those who have not gotten a vaccine, those who cannot get a vaccine yet and our children*. Out of an abundance of love, respect and concern for those who are unvaccinated, especially our children and teens, we are asking that all worshippers continue to wear masks while inside the building. We remain grateful for your patience and your care for the community.

Wear red, if you can. We will have a great number of red geraniums to brighten our worship site… and maybe some other surprises to honor the feast of Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit. It may not be all we want it to be now but we WILL be together in worship and fellowship in the presence of our Lord! THAT is a wonder and blessing.

Your pastor and partner in ministry,
Linda M Alessandri

*We know that children are not usually high risk, but they CAN get COVID.  The sons of Pastor Kim Nunberg of Zion Lutheran Church have both tested positive for COVID in the last three weeks. The first to get it was the middle schooler who had to be hospitalized for breathing issues. Now, after almost two weeks of quarantining, the elementary age son is  symptomatic. Please keep Noah, Jonah, Pastor Kim and Zion Lutheran Church in prayer.