May 26, 2020 Message from Pastor Alessandri

May 26, 2020 Message from Pastor Alessandri (pdf)

May 26, 2020
Christ is Risen! Alleluia
(He is risen, indeed! Alleluia!)

I hope you had a refreshing weekend and were able to do something just a bit different to mark the holiday. I was fortunate to see Danny Kiblinger, Scott Rhodes, Kim Pile, Kris Fignar and Marge Cunningham in various places this weekend, along with our worship team — Steve Pastena, Grant Wills and Pastor Dave Kaplan. Then, I had the great pleasure of being included in Jackie Webb’s weekly Zoom meeting with Haven teens. It was so nice to see all these wonderful faces, even if it was at a social distance or on-line. As I read through Haven’s directory, I picture all your faces, too. God has brought together an amazing assortment of “ingredients” to make up this mission outpost called Haven Lutheran Church. Thanks be to God!
Pastor Linda M. Alessandri    P.S. Thanks to whoever left chocolate chip cookies on my porch!

Doug Wright shared this with me last week and I thought you would appreciate it, too It’s called “God Whispers”  (Do NOT feel compelled to pass this video on as the end of the video instructs. This is NOT offered as a chain letter but a reminder of the blessings of “Godsightings” that it is possible for us to miss.)

Here is Haven’s Vegetable Garden.

Thanks, Ethan. You’re never too young to lend a hand.





Jennifer Yaraghi graduated
from the University of Maryland on Saturday, May 23rd
Congratulations, Jennifer!

Anna Bergscheider’s last day of classes at North High is this Friday. A virtual graduation is being planned by the school.

Do we have any more graduates this year?



Something a little different today. Carol Shull sent the following video. It is entitled “A God Who Sees.” Its creators call it a modern oratorio. An oratorio is defined as a large-scale musical work for orchestra and voices, typically a narrative on a religious theme. In this case, it is a film, with a one- woman cast, set in deserts. I offer it to you as a lovely bible study with a song that will linger.

The song and video links the experiences of four persons in the Bible — *Hagar, Ruth, David, Mary Magdalene — who face very difficult trials, that may have led them to wonder about the faithfulness or love of God.  Haven’t we each had those times? Maybe this pandemic is one of those times.

The video lasts a bit over 12 minutes. Get relaxed. Have your coffee or tea at hand. Offer a prayer of thanks and a prayer to be prepared to receive God’s word and love. Connect with the following link
(I have attached a copy of the lyrics, but I would strongly suggest you first watch and listen without being distracted by reading along.)

*If you wish to read their stories, you can find them in these biblical texts: Hagar (Genesis 16; 21: 8-21); Ruth (Ruth 1); David (starts at 1 Samuel 18: 6); and Mary Magdalene (introduced in Luke 8: 1-3)

Reflection: Today’s reflections are being composed by you, in your heart, mind or on paper, if you like. Let the stories, the lyrics and its messages settle in you. You may wish to watch it again or read through the attached lyrics. Then sit with it all again, don’t move too fast to wrap it up in a sentence that may be easily forgotten.
Ask the Holy Spirit to allow the power, truth, and love of God revealed in these biblical stories and this song to move deep with in you, so that you can continue to unwrap the gifts and insights within them over the course of the day.

Prayer: How do you respond to the Lord who says to YOU?

‘Cause I’m the God who never changes
And My promises are true

I’m the God who sees you in your wilderness
Sees you in your brokenness
When you’re feeling lonely, I’m the God who sees
In the desert places, in your empty spaces
I’m the God who sees
I’m nearer than you dare believe
Here in the very air you breathe
I’m the God who sees YOU


“Jesus Loves Me” (Whitney Houston)

“Yes, I Will” (Vertical Worship)
“Your Love Never Fails” (Jesus Culture)

From Carol Shull. Another beautiful version of “The Blessing”