Message from Pastor Alessandri Jan. 10, 2023

Haven Lutheran Church, Hagerstown, Maryland

January 10, 2023


ANN LOCHBAUM’s shoulder surgery went well and she is currently staying at Homewood’s Health Center for physical therapy. Please send a note or card to cheer her on:

Homewood Health Care Center 16505 Virginia Avenue Williamsport, MD 21795 She also enjoys visits and phone calls 301-582-6565!

BILL KLINE, Debbie Jo’s husband, is currently at Meritus Hospital. Originally taken to Meritus for some rather scary medical concerns, he is now better enough to get therapy for his knee replacement surgery. Send any cards to his home address:  30 N. Locust St., Hagerstown  MD 21740



 They arrived last Wednesday and Office Administrator, Mary Grabill, had them ready for pick-up by Sunday. They are currently in the church narthex (also known as a “lobby”.) There are separate boxes for monthly and weekly offering sets.
IF you do not find yours, please contact the church office by phone (301-733-5056) or email (

IF you are unable to pick them up yourself at church, also contact the office. We will arrange for someone to drop them off at your home or mail them.


“We give thee but thine own, whate’er the gift may be; all that we have is thine alone, a trust, O Lord, from thee.”                                                  ELW #686


After many faithful years of overseeing the General Fund Treasury, Terry Trovinger needs to regretfully step away from that position which he has joyfully filled. We are thus in search of a new volunteer Assistant Treasurer for Haven’s General Fund.

Just to be clear —  These are NOT part of the Assistant Treasurer’s responsibilities and done by other volunteers: maintaining the Special Gifts and Building Maintenance Funds;  the counting of weekly contributions and deposits; and the recording of individual giving.

The Assistant Treasurer of Haven’s General Fund is currently responsible for recording deposits in accounting and paying any bills as they are due. Monthly duties include reconciling the bank statement to our accounting records, and preparing monthly financial reports for the Council meeting. Annually, the Assistant Treasurer assists the Finance Team in the preparation of the draft annual budget for consideration by the Council and Congregation. Assistance is available from Finance Team members for any questions that may arise.
Currently the Assistant Treasurer also prepares payroll checks for Pastor and two to three other employees and prepares and submits quarterly and annual payroll returns to the IRS and State of Maryland. HOWEVER, the Finance Team is seeking to have the payroll processes outsourced, leaving only the above mentioned tasks.

Currently Haven’s accounting records and payroll are on QuickBooks. However, utilizing other software for  bill paying and accounting/ financial reporting is open to consideration.

The Finance Team is flexible and will work with the new Assistant Treasurer to modify current practices to accommodate experience and comfort of the new Assistant Treasurer.

Once a system is set up, our current Assistant Treasurers says it only takes about two hours a week to complete the work. Without the payroll responsibilities, it would be even less. PLEASE consider this way of contributing to God’s mission here at Haven. AT LEASE, talk about the possibility with Mike Manspeaker or Doug Wright.

(BY the way —- YOU can choose how long you will do the job of the Assistant Treasurer. You will not be expected to do it forever! )


Yes, I rose to my sister’s challenge and drove toward Marietta on Christmas Day in my pajamas (with some extra layers underneath for warmth.) Since the temperature was in the teens from Virginia to Georgia, my long, red winter coat provide great “coverage” during my gas and coffee stops.

I tried taking a selfie at a gas pump but couldn’t get the full view. So, I mustered by courage and asked a Sheetz staff member somewhere in Virginia to take a picture to document my story. (The “Old Bay” lanyard testifies it’s me.)

Thanks for sharing the fun.

My time in Marietta was busy but fun — Christmas at three locations, my nephew’s birthday Dec. 26, my great nephew’s birthday Dec. 30th and the baptism of my other great nephew on Dec. 31st. Though I thoroughly enjoyed being with my growing family, I came home on January 1st to rest up a few days before returning to work.

COULD YOU VOLUNTEER FOR ONE HOUR ON A FRIDAY to “stuff” bulletins? Mary runs off the bulletins, the attendance forms and any other inserts. It usually takes less than an hour to put the attendance form or inserts into the bulletins.

  1. C. – Before Covid — we had 4-5 volunteers (some individuals and some couples… or how about two friends who can go out to lunch together afterwards.) With that number they each only came in one Friday every 5-6 weeks.  It may seem like a minor task, but it’s important to our worship and community life AND it frees up our office administrator to do other needed office work.

CONTACT the church office (301-733-5056 or or mark it on the attendance form if you would like to volunteer OR if you have questions.