Message from Pastor Alessandri November 18, 2022

Haven Lutheran Church   Hagerstown, Maryland

November 18, 2022


After the congregational meeting, come to the Adult Sunday School class for a special presentation by our own seminarian, Justin Holoviak. He begins a two or three week study of “Women in the Bible.” It will be rich and informative and provide good discussion.

One of the requirements of our seminary students is that they teach several classes. This is Seminarian Holoviak’s offering to us and he is excited and well prepared. Please make every effort to attend, not only to support Justin, but also to be fed by God’s wondrous Word.

Since no one has signed up to provide a coffee fellowship after worship, we will be sure to have the coffee brewing and some snacks to share with those who attend the Adult Sunday School class.

THIS Sunday, November 20, immediately after worship to vote upon
In-Person and on ZOOM

According to Haven’s Constitution, our congregation is to meet the Sunday before Thanksgiving to vote upon the following year’s Financial Plan for Ministry, also known as “The Budget”. You can find a copy of the proposed 2023 Financial Plan for Ministry in this November Haven Messenger (newsletter). We need to have a quorum to complete any business, which means at least 50 voting members participating. We hope as many members as possible will be at worship November 20th. PLEASE join us via ZOOM if you can’t participate in person.  Zoom can be accessed by computer, cell phone or land-line phone. Below is the link for the Zoom meeting as well as phone numbers.  Let’s have a great “turn out” for our meeting on November 20thJoin Zoom Meeting by computer: Meeting ID: 880 7685 2231           Passcode: 533202

Join Zoom meeting by phone: Dial 1- 301 715 8592     Meeting ID: 880 7685 2231  Passcode: 533202 

PROPERTY CLEAN-UP PART IISaturday, November 19 starting at 9:00 am.  It will primarily be outside clean-up and raking. Bring your rake and gloves. And if all you can do is hold the bag open for the leaves, you will be a blessing. Help us spruce up our yard for the upcoming holiday festivities


KEEP MELITA KAPLAN IN PRAYER  The surgery to repair Melita’s ankle went well last Friday. She is not allowed to put any weight on it or begin therapy for five more weeks. She is resting comfortably at her home for now. Please send any cards to her Dad, Pastor David Kaplan, 19128 Woodhaven Drive, Hagerstown MD 21742.


SUPPORT YOUR WORSHIP COMMUNITY AT HAVEN  We are going to try to start back up our bulletin and newsletter assembly crew.  This is an easy task of just stuffing the bulletins with insert(s) on Fridays each week. The newsletters are done monthly and are folded and stapled by the copier. So, the newsletter just needs to have address labels and stamped added, folded in half and sealed with mailing seals for mailing.  This task usually takes around 15-45 minutes depending on the number of items printed.  If this is something you can work into your schedule we would really appreciate the help.  If you would be able to assist on a regular or just an as-needed rotating schedule for a Bulletin & Newsletter Assembly Crew, please contact Mary and let her know at or 301-733-5056 ext. 1.  Thank you!

THANKSGIVING AT HAVEN We celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with worship on Wednesday, November 24, 7 pm. We will sing and praise with gratitude. Everyone gets a small loaf of pumpkin bread. We celebrate Thanks-living as disciples 365 days a year.

We can give thanks in all circumstances when we believe in the goodness, love and grace of God. Living in gratitude is living in hope, builds our resilience and keeps us aware that we depend on our Lord who is faithful and generous.

I give thanks for each of you. I give thanks for the community of Haven and its earnest efforts in Christ’s name. I give thanks for the care and support you so freely give to your pastor. I give thanks for the Lord who has brought us all together in this place and time so that we can spread the love and hope we have found in our Lord.  Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Thanks-living.

Because we need a laugh..