Bible Study “Canoeing the Mountains”

Get ready for a great ride and discussion as we venture with Lewis and Clark and our modern

church to consider our times and future. I have a study guide ready for each participant in

the narthex. If you have not purchased one, you can get a copy of the book from me, ($19.80).

Wednesday Study Group begins August 8th, 10 -11:00 am (or 11:30 am) in Haven

West Thursday Study Group begins August 2, 6:30 – 7:30 pm (or 8:00 pm) in the parlor

Here is our reading schedule for the month at this time. As we meet, the group has the

option to alter it and/or extending our schedule. Thank you for coming with me to see what

the Holy Spirit may have to say to us and to our mission at Haven.

Aug. 2 & 8    Part 1: Understanding Unchartered Territory” – Chapters 1 – 3   p. 11-46

Aug. 9 & 15  Part 2: The On-the-Map Skill Set – Chapters 4-6       p. 49-83

Aug. 16, 22  Part 3: Leading Off the Map – Chapters 7-11     p. 87-149

Aug. 23, 29 Part 4: Relationships and Resistance – Chapters 12-13  p. 152-185

TBA              Part 5: Transformation – Chapters 14-15  p. 189-218