Sunday School

At this time we are having God’s Explorers for our children’s Sunday program.  

God Squad Explorers and Parents Mark your Calendars!
Sunday, September 11, 11:00 am
Another Year of Exploration Journeys has arrived!
We start a new year, Explorers! “Adventures in Jesus Stories” is our theme.
Your Explorer assignment this year: discover the message each of Jesus’ stories
has for you!
On Sunday, September 11th at 11:00 a.m. come to the “Explorers’ Camp” Sunday
School room for a “Jesus is Our Rock Adventure.”

What message will Jesus reveal to you through activities, crafts, music and partnership with other
explorers? Come find out!
Masks are optional. We ask that a parent or grandparent attend with our
preschoolers to help us make the most of our diverse-aged group of explorers.

Please see the Haven Messenger (Newsletter) for the most up to date information on this children’s program.