Note from Pastor Alessandri – March 19, 2020

March 19, 2020

The peace of the Lord be with you!

I pray you are well and finding ways to step away from the news for times of refreshment — a walk, a good book, a favorite show or movie on your TV, a jigsaw puzzle, playing wonderful music, phoning a friend or relative with whom you can laugh and/or be honest, pick up a old or new hobby, look through old photo albums enjoying the memories of the places, experiences and persons, and don’t forget to pray, resting in the certainty of God’s love.

Mary and I will be moving forward to prepare a brief bulletin for Sunday that I hope folks will use this Sunday, March 22 at 9:30 am.  Of course, you can use it at any time but how comforting it could be to know we are worshipping together at the same time in our homes across our area.

Though my technology learning curve is steep, I am working to learn more about “streaming” a service so I (and perhaps a few musicians) can be with you via our website or facebook next Sunday, March 29th.  You can be sure, we will be sure, to send out clear instructions for how to access that.

Tired of singing “Happy Birthday” twice to make sure you have washed your hands long enough. Check out this church quartet who found another song we can sing. Hope it brings you a smile.

Below is a brief devotional offering. I pray it blesses your day.

Stay rooted in our Lord who is certain and true.

God IS with you,
Pastor Linda Alessandri

Read John 9: 1-41 It is the gospel for the fourth Sunday of Lent. Read it slowly, and if possible, aloud. It is one of my favorite stories from the gospel of John.

Reflection What an irony! The man who was born blind sees God’s work in Jesus clearly and those born with sight are blind to it. There doesn’t even seem to be anyone with whom the formerly blind man can celebrate this miraculous, life-changing event in his life.

Action: In these anxious and uncertain times, it could be easy to lose sight of the blessings and good news that are before our very eyes. Think right now — For what or whom are you grateful? What blessings are you experiencing, what goodness have you noticed even in these troubling times?  If you wish, send one of the blessings you see today to me ( or the church office ( and we will include them in tomorrow’s pastor note to provide encouragement to one another.

(You may want to put a date on a page and write your gratitude list. Perhaps it can be the beginning of a “Gratitude Journal” in which you write down three things for which you are grateful each day. If it would be meaningful, find a person or persons with whom you can share your list each day, especially in these anxious times.)

Prayer: Gracious Lord, open our eyes to your goodness in our lives and world. Give us sight to notice the presence of your steadfast love even in these unsettling times. Steady our spirits that we stay focused upon you, be grateful for each blessing and be ready to see how we can help our neighbor. Amen