Note from Pastor Alessandri

Greetings Haven family and friends,

The Lord be with you!

With information and conditions changing rapidly in this coronavirus time, I will begin sending out daily notes and prayer to you with Mary’s assistance. I will be in contact with Council President, Doug Wright, music director, Steve Pastena and Council members as decisions need to be made. AND, I will keep each of you in prayer.

So here is the latest news:
*Haven’s office will be closed through Friday, March 20th.
I have asked Mary to work from home for now. Except for answering phones, our highly computer capable Mary can do what she needs from home. Since Mary has asthma (usually under control) we do not want to ask her to unnecessarily expose herself to possible virus transmission as people come into the office. You can still contact Mary and the church office via e-mail at

*If you have a concern or are in need of assistance, please contact me (301-745-4216) or Council President Doug Wright, (301-991-0921). We are here to support you! You can also email me at

*To err on the side of caution, we will NOT have Bible Study or midweek worship service this Wednesday, March 18th.

*We will make a decision about Sunday worship on March 22 by Friday. If at all possible, we would like to offer the opportunity for people to receive the sacrament of Holy Communion and gather in prayer. It may mean asking folks to “socially distance” themselves in the pews and distributing communion differently. We will take all due precautions. Last week we were under the number (50) currently mandated in Maryland for gatherings. If that number changes or other restrictions are announced we will reconsider.
If we do have worship, we of course want you to do what is safe for you. If you have a preexisting condition or compromised immune system that makes you particularly susceptible to a virus, please stay home and stay well. If you are not feeling well, please stay home, be in touch with your family physician and get well.

*Prayer Update: Sharron Moser’s husband, Dick, came through his bypass surgery at Sinai Hospital yesterday. Except for pain, Sharron says he is doing well and may be moved from ICU to a cardiac stepdown unit later today. Please keep Dick and Sharron in prayer.

*As we well know, the church depends on your weekly offering. It would be helpful for you to mail them in when you are unable to come to worship. The prepared offering envelopes are designed that way. Tape down the envelope flap and put a stamp on the front. I apologize if this sounds like a crass request amid the current condition. We WILL get through this season of uncertainty. We want to remain a healthy Body of Christ ready to do God’s Work of caring for one another and our neighbors.

*We pray for those who have the virus, people grieving loved ones who have died, and health care workers at the center of it all. Reach out by phone with members, family, friends and neighbors to keep connected. We need to know that, though we may be physically apart, we are in this together, united in Christ and loved by a God who IS with us each and every day, in all circumstances.

God’s peace IS with you,
Pastor Linda M Alessandri