November 5, 2021 Message from Pastor Alessandri

Haven Lutheran Church
November 5, 2021


You do NOT want to miss….

All Saints Sunday, when we remember all our brothers and sisters in Christ who have joined the Church Triumphant and who are joined with us throughout the world. 9:30 am

GOD SQUAD EXPLORERS Adventures in Thankfulness, 10:45 am – 12 noon at the

Explorers’ camp in the Sunday School area. Faith-filled fun, music, games, crafts, baking and prayer. All kids up through 5th grade are welcome. (Older kids can come can help!)

ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL  “What about Luther’s 95 Theses?
When Martin Luther posted his list of concerns about church practices and teachings, he was hoping for discussion and reform. Pastor Kaplan will lead the class in looking over some of the highlights of Luther’s challenges. After worship – 12 noon. (All those who are interested are invited to go to lunch after class.)

CONFIRMATION RESUMES at long last! Those who are in 7th – 12th grades are welcome. 12 noon to 1:3o pm in the parlor.


The Property Team has organized several Clean Up Events to maintain OUR property this year.
On Saturday, November 13 starting at 9:00 am will be interior cleaning, primarily what we didn’t get done on Sept. 11th plus some outside work.
Saturday, November 20 starting at 9:00 am will be an outside cleanup day.

WE NEED YOUR HELP both inside and out. To save money we have not been paying our custodian to do detail cleaning in these areas. That’s why we have these cleaning parties to do things that need to be done a few times a year. So, pick one or more dates and sign up on the sign-up sheet in the Vestibule. THANK YOU FOR HELPING CLEAN UP OUR HAVEN.

We all want folks to feel safe about coming to at Haven. So the team wants to remind us of the precautions we have in place.

*The air in Haven’s sanctuary is circulated through our new ionizing system 24/7. Did you know that with the installation of the new air conditioner for the Sanctuary, we also added two new, state of the art, air purifiers? These units, which run 24 hours a day are mounted inside the new air ducts and produces airborne Hydrogen Peroxide which is then blown throughout the Sanctuary. Recreating nature’s process of purifying air, this airborne Hydrogen Peroxide kills up to 99% of bacteria, viruses (including COVID-19), and other harmful pathogens both in the air as well as on surfaces.

*Hand sanitizing stations and masks are available at both entrances.
*Hand sanitizer is available in every pew.
*There is an area of chairs for those who wish to practice social distancing in the back of the center portion of the church.
*Communion can gladly be brought to anyone who would prefer not to come into the center of the congregation.
*While vaccinated persons are not required to wear masks, we recommend their use when the COVID transmission rate in Washington County remains high.
*We ask people to “pass the peace” safely from their pews and to use hand sanitizer.
*As folks come forward to communion, we ask they allow several feet between themselves and a member of another household who is in line before them. Pass on the word that Haven is a good place to worship, with safeguards in place to combat COVID during these challenging times.


Thanks to Ken Tice and Ken Myers, the wood from the cross that once stood in front of the education wing entrance has been reused to make lovely centerpieces, that can be used as an Advent log or any time of the year. They each have holes for five candles and could be decorated for any occasion or season. (The one in the photo has been decorated for Advent.)

We only have 19 available. So the distribution can be as impartial and fair as possible, the Council agreed to allow the Education Ministry Team to sell raffle tickets for these lovely wooden pieces.
                            One ticket for  $2  and six tickets for $10
Please note — There can only be one winner per household, regardless of how many tickets were bought or picked.

ALL PROCEEDS will benefit our Faith Building Together debt reduction fund.

Tickets can be purchased before and after worship on November 7, 14 and 21. Those who are participating in worship at home, may call (301-733-5056) or email ( ) the church office to request tickets.

Winning tickets will be drawn on the first Sunday of Advent, November 28.
Let’s have some fun and build some excitement!

PASTOR ALESSANDRI WILL BE OUT OF THE OFFICE November 8-16. It is her annual trip for rest before busy the end-of-year holiday season. This year, Pastor Alessandri will vacation at the Massachusetts seashore with her seminary classmate, Ann. If you would wish a pastor’s care in her absence, call Pastor Lee Brumback, pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church, Funkstown. His phone number is 1-540-335-1710.  Please keep Pastor Alessandri in prayer, that her travels be safe and she return refreshed and renewed for our shared ministry.


There is a great deal going on this month  —
November 13 and 20, 9 am – ??? — Church Clean-up Days
November 21, 9 am Hagerstown Sunday School Orchestra returns
November 21, 9:30 A Special and Unusual Service – “In the Year of the Lord”
November 21, immediately after worship, Annual Congregational Meeting.
November 24, 7 pm Thanksgiving Eve Worship
November 28, The first Sunday of Advent “Wait Upon the Lord with Faith”
November 28  Christmas Poinsettia orders due.

Because We Need to Laugh