November 7, 2021 Sermon & Announcements

November 7, 2021 Sermon

Announcements ~ November 7, 2021

A:    The LORD is my strength and my shield;
C:    in God my heart trusts.                            (Psalm 28:7a)
*God’s blessing to all this All Saints Sunday with a special welcome to our guests. What a delight it is to be together in God’s presence.

*The God Squad Explorers are meeting for another special event today, this first Sunday of the month. All kids are invited after worship to come to the God Squad camp in the Sunday School area. We have lots planned for your adventure into thankfulness.

*Pastor Kaplan will be leading the adult Sunday School into a look at the 95 Theses Martin Luther posted for discussion on the day we now celebrate as Reformation Day. Come see why it caused such an uproar.


*Advent logs or wooden centerpieces werer made from the wood of the cross that once stood in front of Haven’s western entrance. They do not come decorated, but each has a place for five candles. They are on display in the narthex. We only have 19 — so to try to distribute them fairly and impartially, we will sell raffle tickets for the logs week: $2 for one ticket and $10 for 6 tickets. ALL proceeds will go to the Building Faith Together debt reduction fund. To allow as many households to win one, there will be only one winner per household, no matter how many tickets you purchase or are drawn.
You can buy tickets after worship OR by contacting the church office by email or phone. A bit of fun while enjoying some Haven history and supporting Haven’s future. More information in the bulletin and November’s newsletter.


*This Thursday is Veteran’s Day. Trinity Lutheran Church in Hagerstown is having an ecumenical worship service at 7:00 pm to remember and thank our veterans. All are invited.


*Pastor Alessandri will be away next week for her winter break before the busy Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas seasons.  In her absence, please call Pastor Lee Brumback from St. Paul’s church in Funkstown for pastoral care. His phone number is in bulletin and newsletter. Please pray that Pastor Alessandri’s travels are safe and time refreshing.


*Mark November 21st on your calendar.  The Hagerstown Sunday School Orchestra will play here at Haven at 9 am. We will have a special worship service that celebrates the whole year at 9:30 am. And after worship, we have a congregational meeting, in person and on line, to consider our 2022 Financial Plan for Ministry, also known as the budget. Make plans to participate here at Haven on November 21st.

*Please add Marvin Printz to our list of those who have died since last All Saints Day. The list is on page 3 of your bulletin.


This week’s concerns and joys

*Best wishes to Julie Faith and Kathy Yaraghi who have birthdays this week. Congratulations to Pat