October 28, 2020 Message from Pastor Alessandri

October 28, 2020 Message from Pastor Alessandri (pdf)

October 28, 2020


Thank you, Mary!
We so “enjoyed” Pastor’s sermon this Reformation day, timely and soothing in these awful times for all of us.                Barb Miller

A lovely service and beautiful music! And thanks, Steve, for the narrative before the opening prelude.  I don’t have an ear to pick up the distinction of tune for Luther’s prayer and Gods answers. So please accept my gratitude.  I know you are putting heart into service each week!  Live and recording. So many thanks
Thank you!             Amy Mason

ALL SAINTS DAY IS THIS SUNDAY Here is a list of the names we have received of those who died since November 1, 2019. Please let us know by THURSDAY (tomorrow) if a name is missing that you would like added.  301-733-5056 or havenoffice@havenlc.org

John Beecher Bennett, Fr. Joe Carolin, Geraldine Hesse, Creig Jacobson, Heiderose Keil, Karen Kline, Connie Kunkle, Betty Manspeaker, Charity Manspeaker, Saundra Myers, Sharon Sellers, Lisa Smith, Vicki Thacker, Barbara Tyler, Darrel Joe Wolf , Karen Wyrick











Washington County Interfaith Coalition

October 27. 2020

Interfaith Prayers for our times


A mere appendage of the realm, a common one has come

They come in crying, they come in sadness, they come with guilt.

Perhaps they have slipped, perhaps they have stumbled,

perhaps they have touched the bird of evil, the spider’s web, the tuft of thorns:

It wounds the heart, it troubles them.

Master— Holy One, Ever Present, Ever Near.

Take it from them: hear the pain of this common person.

Buddhist (Book of the Dead)

Hail to you gods…..

On that day of great reckoning

Behold me, I have come to you,

Without sin, without guilt, without evil

Without a witness against me.

Without one whom I have wronged…..

Rescue me, protect me.

Do not accuse me before the great holiness!

I am one pure of mouth, pure of hands.

Holy One, help us to know that our feelings are just our feelings, our actions are what turn us toward life.  May we seek guidance which will shape life into a celebration, create holy pride, embrace the sorrow, the guilt, and the sin of each other and ourselves turning to the world with hearts of charity and blessings of love.  Amen
Reverend Valerie Wills, Coordinator
Washington County Interfaith Coalition

Nancy Newkirk had knee replacement surgery on Monday and she is now home and recovering. Nancy’s surgeon is pleased, the physical therapists were please and Nancy was pleased with her hospital experience. Please keep Nancy in prayer.




Read  Psalm 34:1-10, 22
1I will bless the LORD at all times;
his praise shall continually be in my mouth.
2My soul makes its boast in the LORD;
let the humble hear and be glad.
3O magnify the LORD with me,
and let us exalt his name together.
4I sought the LORD, and he answered me,
and delivered me from all my fears.
5Look to him, and be radiant;
so your faces shall never be ashamed.
6This poor soul cried, and was heard by the LORD,
and was saved from every trouble.
7The angel of the LORD encamps
around those who fear him, and delivers them.
8O taste and see that the LORD is good;
happy are those who take refuge in him.
9O fear the LORD, you his holy ones,
for those who fear him have no want.
10The young lions suffer want and hunger,
but those who seek the LORD lack no good thing.
22The LORD redeems the life of his servants;
none of those who take refuge in him will be condemned.

Retired Pastor Mark Nygard writes: “Whether the author was actually King David, after a successful escape from the king of Gath, as the title suggests, or simply an obscure ancient Israelite after a time of trial, this psalm overflows in praise to God for deliverance. … [It] reflects the experiences of millions of believers, then and today.” (God Pause, 10/27/20 Luther Seminary)

This psalm is effervescent. It is overflowing with relief, joy, wonder, jubilant gratitude. Read the psalm again OUT LOUD with all that power in your expression. By the time you get to the end, I hope you are smiling or your eyes are tearing. This is praise that can’t be contained. The psalmist has survived great hardship, danger and/or pain and has come out the other side with no illusions that s/he did on their own.

So what trials have you made it through and now know it was by the strength and love of the Lord that you did? So often we don’t realize God was with us, God was at work within us  until we look back. Someone asks, “How did you make it through cancer…. loss of a spouse… loss of a job… rejection… divorce… caring for a dying parent?” You may wonder yourself.  “I put one foot in front of the other, day in and day out and somehow came to a new place.” By the grace of God who walked beside you, sometimes carried you, sat with you when you couldn’t sleep, cried as you cried, and poured enough love and energy into you to take the next step. The psalmist has realized this truth and there is nothing else to do but offer praise and thanks to the Lord.

Many would say we are in one of those times of great fear, dis-ease and disorder. We want to be delivered from COVID and national conflict. We want refuge and freedom at the same time. When we look back, will we notice the finger and foot prints of God in our lives and these times?. Psalm 34 reminds us that we will. So even now we can read Psalm 34 with the joy of the delivered. God is faithful. God IS with us — beside us and before us. “O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together.” (v. 3)


Prayer    (ELW Prayer for Psalm 34)
O God, graciously hear us, for we seek you alone. Deliver us from our fears and terrors, quiet us with the peace that passes understanding, and let us taste your goodness, which makes us radiant with joy; through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.  Amen.


“Taste and See” ELW #493   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ec1E4VJuG6I

“On Eagle’s Wings” ELW #787     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4-BVr7HwFs

“Psalm 34” (Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfW2mkkMTAg&list=RDDfW2mkkMTAg&start_radio=1

“God is Our Strength and Refuge”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cfv1NFz4e6U

“You Are My Strength” (Hillsong)   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeezo01meFA

“Call Upon the Lord” (Elevation Worship)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fm4xezoYLpo

“I Will Call Upon the Lord” (gospel version)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1Qt0cZMxW0