September 19, 2021 Sermon & Announcements

September 19, 2021 Sermon (pdf)

Announcements ~ September 19, 2021

A: Let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation!
C: Let us come into God’s presence with thanksgiving.      (Psalm 95: 1b-2a)

*God’s blessing to all and a special welcome to all our guests. What a delight it is to be together in God’s presence to worship.

*Haven is providing lunch for Potomac Tower residents on September 30. There is a list of the needed items on the mobile message board. Please sign-up to bring those items you can provide for this meal of food, fun and love for our 40 brothers and sisters at Potomac Towers.

* “Micah’s Backpacks” is a project to provide weekend meals for Fountaindale Elementary students at risk of food scarcity. Haven’s program resumed last weekend. If you would be interested in periodically packing the food bags or delivering them, please contact Linda Clark. Her phone number is in today’s bulletin. Packing can be done by an individual, couple, friends or a family. More information in the bulletin.


*The Adult Sunday School class will continue today in the Gathering Room. The first sessions will be led by Pastor Kaplan.

*Did you tell us your preference of offering envelopes for 2022? We want to order the correct number and types. Please read the article in today’s bulletin and let us know your offering envelope preference on your bulletin attendance form or by calling or emailing the church office. Thank you.

*Pastor Alessandri will be away next week on vacation with her family and next weekend she will be in St. Louis preaching at the 70th anniversary of the church where she previously served. If you need the presence or care of a pastor while she is gone, please call Pastor Ron Schlak. His phone number is in the bulletin.

*The October newsletter will be out next weekend. If you have an announcement or article for October, please email it to the office not later than Tuesday.

This week’s concerns and joys:

*Thank you to all who helped put hymnals back in the pews. If you have a few minutes after worship, can you help us get the rest of them in the church?

*Best wishes to Abigail Byers who has a birthday this week.

A:      God IS here with us. Let us prepare ourselves for worship as we listen to the prelude.