September 29, 2019 Sermon & Announcements


September 29, 2019 Sermon

Announcements ~ September 29, 2019

A:     Blessed be the name of the LORD, from this time on and forevermore.

C:     From the rising of the sun to its setting, the name of the LORD is to be praised.

*Welcome Home, Haven and a special welcome to all guests visiting with us today. It is a joy to be in God’s presence and worship together as we are Moving Forward Together in God’s Word.

*This morning we welcome our Seminarian, Katy Moran, as our Ministerial Fieldworker in the coming school year. Be sure to welcome Katy. And, please be sure to keep introducing yourself to Katy during the year —- We are a lot of new faces and names for Katy to try to remember.

*Haven Connectors will meet this morning at 11 am in Haven West. A Haven Connector is a Haven member who has agreed to keep in touch with 10-12 other members during the year. If someone introduces themselves as your Connector, we hope you will welcome their contact and appreciate their efforts to keep members connected to Haven and Haven connected to members.

*Haven’s Sunday School Adventure starts today. Listen for the bell to gather students from Coffee Fellowship. The children will be diving into the story of Adam and Eve.  The Adult Sunday School class will begin a two-week look at the “Prodigal Son, the Welcoming Father and the Not-so-Happy Brother,” led by Jamie and Jim Cannon. And our teens will be planning their coming year with leader Jackie Webb. No matter your age, come grow in God’s Word as we build a community of faith that is moving forward together.

*Ketchup Sunday is TODAY! The Council thanks you for your consideration and response. While we have tried to make it somewhat light-hearted using a ketchup bottle, it is about more than a deficit. Let this be an opportunity to listen to God’s call to the spiritual practice of reviewing our finances regularly and prayerfully to see if our spending aligns with God’s will. . “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

*Next Sunday at 11 am, all ushers and those who are willing to be ushers, are invited to come back to the church after getting refreshments for a brief “re-training” meeting. It has been a long time since we updated the guidelines for ushering, which is a very important ministry of hospitality. We promise it will be brief so you can still get to Sunday School. Ushers and soon-to-be-ushers, please plan to come to this brief meeting next Sunday.

*PLEASE take your bulletin home today and read it. Feeding folks at Potomac Towers, being an encourager to one of our students, packing or delivering Micah’s Backpacks —- these are just a few ways you can use your hands to do God’s Work.

*Pastor Alessandri leaves tomorrow for a much-needed vacation. While she is gone, Pastor Stephanie Steele and Pastor David Eisenhuth will be available if you should wish for pastoral care and presence. The pastors’ phone numbers are in the October newsletter AND available on slips at the mobile board. Please do not hesitate to call these pastors for support as needed.

This week’s concerns and joys:

*It is a delight to announce that Maura Haupt is home and feeling great.

*We thank the Evangelism Team and their helpers for yesterday’s pet blessing. We blessed 11 dogs, 2 cats, 1 monarch butterfly and 1 mighty impressive lizard and had a good time.

*Best wishes to Jean Carbaugh, Kenny Shankle, Don Andrews and Dawn Tice who celebrate birthdays this week.  Congratulations to Kenny and JoAnn Shankle and Elaine & Ray Michael who have wedding anniversaries this week.

A:  Now we prepare ourselves to worship as we listen to the Prelude. Amen.