Sermon & Announcements for October 7, 2018

October 7, 2018 Sermon – When The Will Can Not Find the Way

Announcements  October 7, 2018
A: Seek God’s kingdom first C: for God knows all that we need

*Rejoice in God’s presence as we gather to worship today. A special welcome to all guests visiting with us. Your presence is a blessing.

*Last Sunday to sign up for the first Lady’s Night Out at Los Amigos on October 9th. Visit the Sign-up Central bulletin board to let us know you are coming.

*Thank you to the wonderful volunteers who have stepped in to be the office receptionist as we look for a new church secretary. We thank the congregation for its patience and kindness during this transition. The Mutual Ministry Team has extended a job offer to one of the interviewed candidates and we are expecting a reply soon. Please pray the Holy Spirit be at work to bring us together with a new secretary, to benefit the God’s ministry here at Haven.

*Copies of October’s newsletter are in the lobby. Get yours today.

*Today our special offering will be for the ELCA Disaster Response Fund. You will find an insert in your bulletin about responses to Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas and the Earthquake and Tsunami in Indonesia. You can make a donation through Haven or on you own in ways listed on the insert. You may designate to which disaster you wish to contribute or ask it to be split. Any loose cash will be divided between the work in the Carolinas and Indonesia. We will also collect any donations next Sunday as well. Pray for the many people who are struggling to turn their world right side up after such devastation. 100% of your money will be used for a direct response to help those effected.

*Please note on page 15 of your bulletin that Haven’s Kristen Schupp will be using her dental skills on a pumpkin this Monday to benefit the Discovery Station. Also notice that one-time, Haven seminary student, Amanda McCaffrey will be ordained Friday, October 19th at St. Marks Church. She has invited you to attend and share this wonderful event. Let’s help fill the church.

This week’s concerns and joys:
*We raised $240 at last Saturday’s Yard Sale. It will be split between Micah’s Backpacks and the St. Mark’s Food Bank. Thanks to all who contributed in any way. God’s Work. Our Hands.

*Best wishes to Aura Harbaugh, Kendra Seller, Kathy Wright, and Ann Lochbaum who celebrate birthdays this week.
A: Rejoicing in God’s saving grace, we seek our Lord’s wisdom and strength:
C: “To honor God, to reach out with love to our members and the community and to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.”