Sermon & Announcements January 3, 2022

Sermon January 3, 2022

Announcements ~ January 3, 2021

A:      The Light shines in the darkness,

C:      and the darkness has not overcome it.                 (John 1:5)

 *Welcome to worship at Haven Lutheran Church this Epiphany Sunday.  Thanks to the wonders of live-streaming, those watching at home and those sitting here in the pews are able to be together and together offer God our praise and prayers as we step into a new year.

*We offer a special word of thanks to Pastor Kaplan for preaching and presiding at worship this morning.

*Pastor Alessandri returned safely from Georgia on Thursday. As an extra precaution, she has been self-isolating at the parsonage until she can get a COVID test on Monday. She thanks you for all your prayers for her safe travels.

* Chairpersons of Haven Teams — 2020 may be over but we still need your team reports for that most unusual year. Please submit your annual report no later than January 15th.

This week’s concerns and joys:

*Best wishes to Ken Myers who had a birthday on January 1st and Judy Larson whose birthday is today.                       

A:      Arise, shine; for your light has come,
C:      And the glory of the LORD has risen upon us.  (Isaiah 60:1)