Sermon & Announcements

December 10, 2017 Sermon – Can these Bones Live? – Second Sunday of Advent

Announcements December 10, 2017

A:        When we are dead, lifeless in sin and despair,
C:        God hears our cries for deliverance.
A:        And then we know that God is the Lord.
C:        To God be the glory; we have been restored!

Welcome to the second Sunday of Advent, a season to prepare for the coming of Christ. A special welcome to any guests visiting with us today  We prayed you would come and hope you will allow us to further greet you after worship.

*Haven has adopted 8 children and one adult for Christmas. The Department of Social Services has told us that these children are among those with greatest need. Please take one or more gift tags from the Giving Tree in the narthex and bring the wrapped gifts back by NEXT SUNDAY December 17th with the gift tag attached. We’ve also added Christmas stockings to be filled for each child. We can do this Haven!!!! Just think of the joy we can bring to these children this Christmas. Pick up gift tags or stockings today!

This week’s concerns and joys:
*Valerie Wills is currently “out of commission” with a hip problem. She and Grant had signed up to take the coffee hour next Sunday. Could someone please take over next Sunday’s Coffee Fellowship for Valerie and Grant? It would be greatly appreciated!

*This week we have so many people to thank:
THANKS to Kim Pile for enlisting and feeding volunteers last Monday night. MANY THANKS to the members of the Parish Life Team and ALL who came to help decorate the church for Christmas!

Last night’s annual Christmas Concert was wonderful. THANKS to Music Director, Steve Pastena, the Choir, Bell Choir ringers, all who helped to move furnishings in and back to the church and those who provided food and hospitality for the reception. Thanks to you all! The Lord was glorified and those who attended were blessed.

The Teens and their families would like to thank all who ordered birdhouses, purchased goodies from their bake sale and gave freewill donations. So far they have recieved over $800 toward their trip to Youthquake next month. Thank you for your support.

*Best wishes to those who celebrate birthdays this week.
A:        When we are without hope, without a future,
C:        God breathes a new spirit into us.
A:        And then we know that God is the Lord.
C:        To God be the glory; we have been restored!