Special Events

Holy Week Schedule

Before we arrive at Easter’s joy, we walk humbly and gratefully with Jesus through the betrayals, trials and suffering of the final days before his death. Come walk these final miles with our Lord. You will find Easter even more meaningful.


9:30 am—Worship 10:40 am—Fellowship and Refreshments, 11:00 am—Sunday School


7 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Set aside an hour with the Lord
A prayer vigil is an intentional and watchful time set apart for the purpose of prayer. We at Haven are setting apart 12 hours during Holy Week for individuals or groups to sit with our Lord. During that time you are invited to pray for those concerns and persons for which members of our congregation had requested prayer. Those prayer requests will be available on cards in the church. You can take a few, lift them up in prayer in whatever way you wish and then return them to a second basket. You can continue taking prayer request cards, praying and returning for new requests as often as you wish during your time.
You may also choose during your vigil time to simply sit in the quiet to listen to the Lord or read and meditate on Bible passages or hymns. You may pray sitting, kneeling or walking around the sanctuary. Whatever you find meaningful is good.
During the Vigil we while have printed instructions for praying with the Prayer Request cards. We will provide a prayer to use at the beginning and end of your vigil time. We will also provide Bible verses and hymns for use as devotions or for meditation. You may bring your own material for your time with the Lord.
Our GOAL is to have SOMEONE in Haven’s sanctuary during EACH HOUR of the vigil. We will post a schedule for the vigil hours and ask you to sign-up to be in the church a half- hour or one hour. You may sign-up alone or with a friend, family or group.
If you’ve never participated in a vigil, you will find the time goes much more quickly than you imagined. You will find it incredibly meaningful to know you are supporting others with prayer for the concern of their hearts. Let us set aside time to rest in the Lord this Wednesday of Lent and fill Haven’s sanctuary with our prayers to the Lord who promises to hear and care.


12:00 noon—Worship with Holy Communion
5:30 – 7:30 pm—”Agape” Meal and Worship

The Agape (“Love”) Feast dates to apostolic times when Christians gathered together to “feast” on God’s Word, the togetherness of community, a simple communal meal, and the Holy Eucharist.
Following in this ancient tradition, our evening Maundy Thursday worship will be an Agape Meal and Service (in the parlor) that will conclude with the stripping of the altar (church sanctuary) in preparation of Good Friday.
We’ll begin by gathering at tables in the parlor, praying and listening to God’s Word together before we share a simple meal of soup, bread, cheese and fruit. After eating, we continue our worship by sharing the Lord’s Supper with bread and wine at each table. We’ll conclude with a procession across the narthex to the darkened church sanctuary to watch the altar and sanctuary being stripped in preparation for Good Friday as Psalm 22 is chanted.
Our Worship Team hopes this Maundy Thursday “Agape” Meal and Worship will be a meaningful way to mark this day of Holy Week.
So we can have enough tables and food prepared, we ask that you sign up to attend on the attendance form in the Sunday bulletin or by calling the church office no later than March 25. If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Alessandri.


12 noon — Service of the Word Commemorating the
Passion of our Lord
7:00 pm
The Tenebrae Service is a traditional Good Friday service of Light and Word commemorating the Passion and Death of our Lord. As we move through the events leading to the crucifixion, we extin-guish candles, letting the darkness of the betrayal, abuse, abandonment Jesus experienced surround us. Be ready to be moved. Be ready to leave marveling at the depth of the Lord’s love for us. Be ready to walk into Easter with deep appreciation.


9:30 am Worship
10:30 am Fellowship Time
11:00 Easter Egg Hunt
(Babies to Grade 5)


9:30 am
Come worship our Lord AND enjoy God’s gift of music from our Senior Choir, Chimes Choir, and other Haven musicians. We’ll sing “favorite hymns” and lift grateful hearts and voices to glorify our Risen Lord. This is an ideal Sunday to invite friends, neighbors and co-workers to come with you to worship. Spread the word. Come ready to hear and sing God’s praises.