Sunday, December 19, 2021 Bulletin, Worship Information and CAR-oling Reminder

Bulletin 12192021 Advent 4
REMINDER: CAR-oling Sunday, December 19th at 4:30pm on the Haven Parking lot.

This week’s worship will include celebration for the Advent and Christmas seasons AND recognition and prayer for those who are facing losses this holiday. If you know someone who is finding it difficult to make it through the holidays as they grieve, please invite them to join us for worship, in person or online. We hope this service will provide a safe place to grieve and be a caring reminder that we are not alone. God IS with us and so is the community at Haven. Pastor Alessandri


Worship Service with Communion in person in the Sanctuary

Worship Service LIVE on the Haven Facebook page

At this time, we will NOT be requiring vaccinated persons to wear masks when attending worship.

However, we want you to know that vaccinated persons are WELCOME to wear masks if that is their preference in the current COVID upsurge.

Starting around 2 p.m. on Friday, you can pick up a bulletin, hymnal and communion sets on the parsonage back porch.  For extra precaution, use hand sanitizer before opening cartons/boxes. Keep the hymnal at your home for future use. The baggie of communion elements are enough for one person so please take one for each person watching at your home. (Haven Facebook Page: or you can get to the page by clicking the ‘F’ icon in the upper right corner (center of page if on a mobile device) of the Haven website The live service will remain on the page for viewing later too.  If you are not familiar with Facebook please scroll down past the ads, map and photos until you see Haven Lutheran Church with a small circle of the church photo in a post. It will say ‘Haven Lutheran Church is live’ Sunday at 9:30am. This will be the first post Haven will have that day. If you have issues please email the church office or call and leave a message and I will try to get back with you so I can walk you through how to find it.)