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Dear Haven Members and Friends,

For those who prefer messages short and sweet:

(proposals are enclosed)
February 7th, 10:30 am in the church sanctuary
February 7th, 12 noon via ZOOM

TO JOIN BY COMPUTER, type this address in your browser:
Meeting ID: 896 2272 2421 Passcode: 291979
TO JOIN BY PHONE  Dial  +1 301 715 8592 US
Meeting ID: 896 2272 2421 Passcode: 291979

 (proposals are enclosed)
February 14th, 10:30 am
Simultaneous in-person and ZOOM meeting

TO JOIN BY COMPUTER, type this address in your browser:
Meeting ID: 895 0218 5081       Passcode: 193326
TO JOIN BY PHONE, dial  +1 301 715 8592
Meeting ID: 895 0218 5081 Passcode: 193326

A quorum of 50 Haven members is needed for a vote.

For those who want a bit more background:

“When are we going to do the church roof? has been a frequent question to our Council and Property Team. Well, if the congregation approves, the time has come!

We have solicited bids twice. The roofers were asked not only to replace the roofing on the church, narthex and parlor but also to coordinate their work with Campbellsville Industries who will refurbish the steeple and Shifler Electrical Associates, who will be installing new air conditioning and air filtering systems for the sanctuary. This is not a job that could be done by your average house roofer. We have contacted and provided the work “specs” to quite a few qualified roofers. But only one company, Heidler Roofing Services, submitted a bid. That bid has been studied by our architectural firm, Roof Team and Property Team.

Though it might be tempting to see if we could get more competition with a third round of bidding at a later date, the Property Team and Council had two concerns that convinced them to move ahead now rather than wait. First, the project cost would only increase, especially with the cost of building supplies rising as availability is still recovering from supply interruption during the pandemic. Second, though our shingles have served us well (over 40 years), we do not want to wait until there is leakage problem that could damage the beautiful interior of the church and send us scurrying to find a roofer who may or may not be available immediately.

We have enclosed a copy of the Council Proposals for the Roof Project and a Loan for the funding we will need for the total costs. Thanks to the generosity of members who remembered Haven in their wills and those who have made other donations, we are able to cover about two-thirds of the cost of the total project (roof, steeple and air conditioner). THAT is something for which we can be grateful. As you will note in the proposal, we will be seeking a loan of $100,000 that we will need to pay back in seven years (or hopefully, less.) How we will raise those funds is the subject for a Loan Retirement Team to ponder and propose in the very-near future. But first we must prayerfully consider whether we accept the bid for the roof project and, if so, we accept the loan that has been negotiated with our bank, Middletown Valley Bank.

We realize you probably have questions about the roof project, the bid and/or the loan and its terms. While there will be time for questions and discussion on February 14th, we wanted to offer the opportunity to gather information in advance so you could thoughtfully and prayerfully consider your vote. To that end, we will be having two Information Meetings on February 7. There will be representatives from the Council and the Property and Finance Teams to answer questions and facilitate discussion. One information meeting will take place in the sanctuary immediately after worship. The second information meeting will be on ZOOM for anyone one who wants to participate. We will send the ZOOM meeting link out via e-mail and have also have included all the ways to connect to ZOOM at the beginning of this letter.

I hope you will join one of the February 7th informational meetings. IF you are unable to do so, please do not hesitate to contact Property Team Chair, Doug Wright (301-991-0921)          about the building project, Finance Team member, Mike Manspeaker (301-667-9443,) regarding the loan or Pastor Alessandri (301-733-5056) for conversation. We need a quorum of at least 50 voting members on February 14th.

There will be a Special Congregational Meeting on Sunday, February 14, 2021 at 10:30 AM to vote on the proposals. It will be a simultaneous meeting in person and via ZOOM   We need a quorum of at least 50 voting members on February 14th. We also need a quorum of voting members who have thought and prayed about the roof project and loan proposals so we can make a wise decision on behalf of God’s church at Haven.

One of Haven’s many gifts is the ability to work together. Let’s use that gift, surrounding it with prayer, on February 14th, asking the Spirit to guide us in God’s will and way.

Your pastor and partner in ministry,

Linda M. Alessandri


A NOTE FOR THOSE WHO ARE USING ZOOM We heard your suggestions and frustrations. We are working to make the quality and volume of the sound better. We will also be sure to check with the ZOOM coordinator to be sure we get your questions and comments in a timely manner. (You can send comments or questions during the meeting via “Chat” or by raising your hand so the coordinator knows you wish to speak.) We will be sure your votes are recorded and reported before final results are announced. Your participation is important and needed. Thank you for your patience as we learn to use new technology to bring us together for important Haven business.